Want to give?

The Besom exists to help churches in York to give to those in need within their local communities.

Here are some of the ways in which you can do this:


Many of the people we meet through the Besom have very little or nothing at all. One way you can bless people in need is by giving things. It can be anything from a spoon to a sofa, but we want to bless people with the best, so we only accept good quality items. It’s about showing people they are loved and valued by blessing them with things that we would want ourselves.


You can give time with the Besom in several different ways.

One of these ways is by giving time on the van. Van runs take place a couple of times a week, usually in the day-time, with the occasional evening run. Individual time givers can give time driving the van or helping with the loading and unloading of things that have been given. This is a great way to give time and to make a difference in the lives of the recipients who we meet.

Another way to give time is by doing assessments for the people who are referred to us. This involves meeting the recipient, and their referrer, at their home and assessing their needs and how we can help them. This is about getting to know the recipient and their needs, and building a relationship with them. Training is provided for people wanting to give in this way.

Yet another way to give time with the Besom, is through giving time as a group to do a group project. Groups of people from churches and other Christian groups give time decorating, gardening, clearing, cleaning, or doing other jobs for those in need in their local area. This is also a great way for people with various practical skills to use these skills to help other. Giving time doing a group project is a great opportunity for church groups to meet people in their area who are in need and to support them and build a relationship with them.

All of our time givers are subject to a strict church-based referencing system before they are able to give time with the Besom and to meet and engage with recipients.


People sometimes choose to give money to the Besom. This can be regular or one-off gifts of money and it’s all about what the giver wants the money to be used for. Some givers want their gift of money to be spent on things for recipients in a specific area of the city. Others give money to buy equipment or paint for projects, or for the general running costs of the Besom.


Another way churches and church groups can give through the Besom is by putting together hampers for people in need. Different types of hampers givers have made previously have included: Kitchen Packs, Baby Hampers, Toy Hampers, Food Parcels, Dining Pack and Seasonal Hampers. Hampers are a great way to bless individuals and families in need by giving them gifts of small everyday things that many people take for granted.


The Besom internship is a great way for individuals to give time to the Besom. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to learn about the Besom and help the church in York to serve poor and people in need, whilst growing in your relationship with God.

We are here to help you give in whatever way you feel called to.

If you are interested in finding out more about what we do, or in giving through the Besom in any way, email us at: info@thebesominyork.co.uk. We’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “Want to give?

  1. we have contents of a 2 bedroom flat in Heslington, York to dispose of during 29th June to 5th july including,double bed, sofabed,, chairs, small tables, fridge, small freezer, microwave, wardrobe. Please say if you want to collect anything.
    Bill McClean


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