Answered Prayers

We love to share how God is working through the Besom and the many, many answers to prayer that we have received. We often write blog posts about all of the prayers that God has answered and so we decided to create a page dedicated to answered prayers.

We prayed for homes for some of the things in the office and they are going to be delivered to a very grateful recipient on this evening’s van run. (September 2017)

We prayed for a van run to come together for this evening and for givers and recipients to get back in touch with us to confirm the arrangements. Everything has been confirmed and the van run is ready to go! (September 2017)

We prayed for more people on the van team and we’ve had a new day time giver want to go on the van (September 2017)

We were given some bedding, the same day a key worker came in asking for bedding for a client (September 2017)

We prayed for more people in the office, we now have four new givers in the office! (September 2017)

We prayed for a project for Vineyard church and found one on the same street as their last one (August 2017)

Ampleforth College are coming to do a week of time giving projects at the end of the month. We prayed for three projects in the same location and found three all in the same area – two are even on the same street (June 2017)

A recipient who we worked with for a while has been going to church and wants to get baptised! (June 2017)

We prayed for someone else to help on an evening van run and the day of the run someone said they could help (June 2017)

Delivered a sofa to someone who had the matching chair (May 2017)

Met a recipient who needed a table and chairs, a couple of weeks later, someone gave us one (May 2017)

Met someone who needed a carpet, got back to the office to find one had been offered and could be delivered to her the next day (May 2017)

Someone was referred to us through the foodbank needing a sofa, wanting a green one. One was offered the next day. (May 2017)

A recipient who we met has started coming to church (April 2017)

Met a recipient who needed a carpet, got back to the office and one had been offered (April 2017)

Prayed for a home for a sofa, got back to the office to find a message from a key worker who knows someone who needs one (March 2017)

Prayed for someone to drive the van, one of our givers has told us they would like to! (March 2017)

A team from a church wanted to give some time in their local area. We start to organise it and a referral come in for a family who live in the next street from the church! (February 2017)

One of our van team had to back out last minute, we didn’t have anyone to go on the run. A little while later a giver offered their time (February 2017)

Someone gave us a double bed base.. we open the office, turn on the phone and discover a text from a recipient asking for a double bed base (February 2017)

We prayed for a local church to do some giving this term. They have offered to do two time giving projects in February! (January 2017)

The team were praying for a sofa. While they were praying the phone rang. When they checked the messages after they had finished praying, there was a message offering a sofa! (January 2017)

Becky was trying to match Christmas hampers only to find that we had run out of recipients to match hampers to. The next minute, the phone rang – it was a referrer wanting to make a new referral for a Christmas hamper! (December 2016)

We prayed regularly for storage for Bundles of Joy, they’ve been given two rooms by a local church to store things! (2016)