Christmas: It’s our favourite time of the year

Some of the Christmas hampers given last year

We are already snowed under in the lead up to Christmas time!

Each Christmas at the Besom, we spend our time helping Christians and churches give hampers to those in need in York. It is our favourite time of year, but also a difficult time for so many families and individuals across the city.

Already we’ve seen God’s incredible provision, with around 50 hampers offered so far. And we trust that he will enable us to provide hampers for all those referred to us.

Last week, a local church got in touch wanting to make five hampers for families in their area. We had four referrals for hampers in their parish, so we matched them to the church, but we were still looking for a fifth. We prayed. On Wednesday, we checked our referrals and sure enough another one had come through in their area. Not only that, but the family lived four doors down from the church building!

If you would like to give a Christmas hamper through the Besom this year, please click here

We’re here to help you do that in whatever way you/your church feel called to.


  • Sometimes small groups make up a hamper together
  • Sometimes families go out delivering together
  • Sometimes youth groups do a ‘hamper dash’ and spend time shopping and wrapping
  • Sometimes members of different congregations come in to help us in the office,
  • And sometimes this looks like people committing to praying for hamper recipients.

Whatever way you feel called to give, we’re here to help you do it.

We’ve worked with over 200 different recipients this year, people living in real poverty right in the areas where our churches are. There is so much need, but there are so many Christians too! Our dream is help churches know where those in need are, to build relationships with them and invite them to church. Christmas hampers are often a wonderful starting point for this.

Please pray for us as a team as we head into this busy season. Please pray that we will have enough to go round, and please pray for churches as they meet those in need and bless them with a hamper.

Becky Lewis, Co-ordinator, The Besom in York


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