Van-tastic news!


Core team member Kirsten Nott gets behind the wheel for our latest blog entry.

If you’ve been following the Besom in York for the last few years you might remember that in 2016 our first van went to the scrapheap in the sky. You might also remember that we had been praying for a new van and God provided us with not only a new van but also with the money to run it. If you haven’t already, you can read about it here.

Earlier this year, that van went and joined its predecessor in that same big old scrapheap in the sky and we found ourselves, once again, without a van. We did not widely advertise the fact that our van was out of commission but continued to do whatever we could by borrowing another van, and with the use of givers’ cars. All the while we continued to pray that God would provide us with a new van. And, true to form, He did!

For various reasons, the Besom in St Austell found themselves no longer in need of their trusty van and so offered it to other Besoms around the UK who might be able to use it via Gilly Simmonds (the Besom head honcho).

Gilly knew that we had lost our van a few months ago and were in need of a new one and so rang us with the news. There was a great deal of excitement in the office that day! After a bit of co-ordinating with our friends in Cornwall, one of our wonderful time givers, Sam, offered to travel all the way (and it was a long way!) to pick up the van and drive it back to York! We will be forever grateful for him giving up a whole weekend to do that for us.

And here it is ⬇

Vinny the Van modeled by Richard

Over the last few months, while we have been operating without a van, we have been amazed and over-joyed at the responses of many of our givers. Due to not having our own van we have not been able to do regular van runs. Many of our givers have been more than happy to keep hold of items that they have offered until we were able to arrange to collect and deliver them. Others have even gone out and delivered items to recipients themselves!

And now that we do have a van again, we are excited to see how God will use it to enable people to give in the city of York!

Giving time with the Besom in York over the last few years, I am no longer surprised by God’s provision, even when it’s something as big as a van! But I am still blown away by how He provides and what He teaches us through it, every single time.

Vinny’s inaugural York van run

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