Making connections


More and more frequently, we receive referrals for people who are isolated and lonely without community and family around them. As Christians, we believe that we were not created to do life on our own! So many churches across York run all kinds of free activities for people, from all walks of life. Toddler groups, craft groups, choirs, drop-ins, Foodbanks, cafes, children’s clubs, walking groups, elderly groups, discussion groups, football clubs… the list goes on.

The Besom is all about bridging the gap between people who want to give and those in need. We realised that churches are giving their time, resources, skills and abilities to run groups for people across the city and we are receiving referrals for recipients who need these groups. From this, Connect was born.

connect page

Connect is our new web page detailing free activities that churches across York are offering as they seek to show God’s love in action. So far, we’ve collated information from 15 different churches across York, although we’re sure there are more! We aim to get in touch with every church in the city by the end of the year and have a fully comprehensive list.

Please join us in praying for the people who use this new Connect resource. Let’s pray that new “bridges” will be formed with those in need with their local church. Let’s pray that relationships will blossom, that people will feel at home and that feeling isolated will no longer be a huge factor in so many people’s lives.

Do drop us an email if your church has free activities we could feature on Connect.


Becky Lewis, Co-ordinator, The Besom in York


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