Four wardrobes in one day (and other stories)

It’s been a while since our last blog entry, so here’s Becky Lewis, our Co-ordinator, with a bit of an update…

In both in March and April, it was awesome to have the Revive team from Vineyard church giving their time to help a couple of families decorate their homes. In one home, there was one wall with four layers of chipboard and wallpaper to take off – the team worked incredibly hard for hours, and the recipient was really pleased! They have also painted her kitchen and bathroom for her.

The second recipient the team helped was a mum-to-be and they spent an afternoon decorating the baby’s bedroom, getting it ready for her arrival. As this was happening, two members of the team collected a carpet that had been offered and brought it back to lay in the same recipient’s hallway. It was great to hear how the team helped her make her flat feel more like home.

We’ve had several van runs over the last couple of months, delivering everything from beds and kitchen utensils to four wardrobes in one day! It’s been amazing to help so many people give, and to have a new van giver too as I also learnt to drive the van this month (as you can see below)!

This week, we had a team of students from G2 church give their time to help clear a garden. The garden was full of rubbish, and they spent their time bagging it up and making the place safe for the children to play in. They did a brilliant job. Here is a before and after photo.

As a national organisation, the Besom has been sorting out how to be compliant with the new GDPR laws. This month after a few meetings, we’re particularly grateful to our trustees and all the hard work they’ve put in, helping us establish new processes and policies to be compliant.

We also collected lots of children’s bikes from Archbishop Holgate’s School. One of the teachers there runs a bike restoration project with some of the pupils and it’s been wonderful to give the bikes to children in York who don’t have any.

Over Easter, we were really blessed to receive not only some money from one congregation in York, but lots of Easter eggs! We had a really joyful time giving them to recipients all over York, so a huge thank you to those who donated them.

besom 1

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