Talk about God’s timing

This week, core team member Becky Lewis brings us some Christmas cheer.

Tuesday was one of those days. One of those days where I’m constantly reminded of how great our God is.

Richard and I were out delivering most of the day. It was our last day of deliveries, so we had all the hampers left piled into my car. Just before we left we received an email from a key worker for a family with a newborn baby who desperately needed some food.

Richard takes a novel approach to hamper deliveries

They also lived right around the corner from one of our delivery stops. We had some spare food, so we packed some extra boxes and squeezed them in the car. Amazingly we’ve had one of Bundles of Joy’s bundles in our office which hadn’t been matched to a recipient. So we brought it along.

When we arrived, it was a moment I’ll never forget. Sarah* was completely amazed that we were at her door with the things she needed. And talk about God’s timing, she was just about to leave to go into town to see if she could source what she needed elsewhere.

She threw her arms round both of us. We asked her if she’d like the baby hamper and she was over the moon. Her baby was coming home from the hospital the next day – it was perfect timing!

At the end came one of the most special moments I’ve ever had whilst giving time at the Besom. She asked us to pray for her and her family. I couldn’t have been more honoured. I prayed for her and her partner, I prayed over her house and her other children and for her baby in the hospital. It was so special.

And she was just one of the recipients I had the privilege of meeting on the van run. I also met a wonderful dad with his 13-week-old baby, a woman who said “A hamper for me? Really?” and several children who would barely let us put the hamper down they were so excited for what was inside.

One recent hamper included this Christmas cake – yum!

I’ll leave you with a story from another recent delivery run by a dad and his son. Financial difficulties meant a family were not due to have any Christmas presents until after the big day. But the generosity of our givers had a real impact.

Here’s a text from the recipient:

“At 4pm a man and a small boy knocked on my door with a hamper. As I sit and write this, I cry happy tears, so a big thank you. You can’t really put it in writing what it means. Thanks everybody who helped with this.”

Happy Christmas everyone!

* not her real name.


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