Baby project is up and running

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At the Besom we have the opportunity to meet and work with a range of people. This week, I had the great pleasure of meeting Rachel Kirkby, the founder of Bundles of Joy in York.

Bundles of Joy is a new project set up by Rachel, after the birth of her daughter, to help provide new and expectant mums with gifts of baby essentials that they really need. The Besom in York have been working closely with Rachel to help her get Bundles of Joy off the ground. I met Rachel to hear about what’s been going on in Bundles of Joy over the last few months.

Who is Rachel?

Rachel first moved to York in 2010 to study at the University. She married her husband Lee in 2013 and they both attend St Michael le Belfrey church, where Lee is the Head of Youth and Children’s Work. Rachel is also involved in this ministry leading the toddler group, Song Stars, and a youth study group. Rachel and Lee have a daughter, Amara, who was born in November 2014. Since then Rachel has been exploring her way around the world of motherhood in York, whilst occasionally working from home on a self-employed basis.

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I asked Rachel some questions about the work that Bundles of Joy has been doing.

Where did it all begin?

God started prompting about getting this off the ground last summer. We’d had Amara in November 2014 and, at church and within the Christian community, we received lots of support and people gave us clothes and things. But I began to notice that people outside the church didn’t really have that. I heard stories of people who didn’t even have anyone to look after the older child while they went to the hospital to have their second. Or not knowing where they were going to get clothes in the next size up. At the same time I became aware of people needing to receive, there were people wanting to give. People were saying they really wanted to give old clothes and things to people who really needed them. I thought, ‘Hang on, God’s doing something here. I need to explore this’. So I started praying and I didn’t really know where to start, so that’s when I first met up with Rob and Becky at the Besom to talk about it. They said they’d been praying about this and felt like it was a really great idea.

So what’s the story since you’ve been officially up and running?

So we officially launched at the beginning of January. In that time we’ve slowly been growing in reputation. We’ve been chatting to people at church and people have been talking about what we’re doing; everyone’s been really interested and supportive. Before you know it, people are wanting to give and to be involved; we’ve had loads of donations. And we’ve been slowly getting to grips with the referral process and how it’s all going to work. It’s been really exciting getting to give things new homes.

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What are your hopes for Bundles of Joy?

My hope is that Bundles of Joy will be tangible evidence of God’s kingdom being built in York. That we can have community with the poor and those who are in need. That we can provide practical gifts of baby essentials to those who need them. That we can provide people with practical gifts of love, showing them God’s love for them at the same time.


It was great to meet Rachel and have a chat with her about how Bundles of Joy is going and how we, at the Besom, can help her. She is such an inspiration.

The Besom is all about giving and we LOVE that Rachel’s heart for God has inspired her to give to mums and families in need in York. We are so excited for Bundles of Joy and the work that it’s doing, and we feel blessed to be a part of this journey with Rachel.

Please pray for Rachel and her family, and for Bundles of Joy as it really begins to take off. God has clearly placed this on Rachel’s heart and in the City of York.

For stories about the work Bundles of Joy does, see the 32 Stories book we posted about a couple of weeks ago.

For more information about Bundles of Joy see their Facebook page

If you are interested in giving, please email

Note: Bundles of Joy only accepts referrals from professional agencies, charities, and other organisations.

Kirsten Nott – core team member with The Besom in York


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