Will you pray with us?

Collection of hundreds of Free Bible Verse from all over the world.

We want to rely on God in prayer for everything we do at The Besom in York. It is definitely a challenge as we always feel tempted to try and do things in our own strength, but we hope this reliance comes across as you read this blog.

As readers and supporters, we would love you to pray with us for God’s work through the Besom in our city. To that end, would you consider joining in our National Day of Prayer on Sunday, January 31st? There are more than 30 local Besom groups around the UK like ours in York. Each is being encouraged to mark this day and spread the word to churches and Christians in their area.

Maybe you could include the Besom in your regular prayers at a church service or simply spend on your own committing the Besom to God? Please get in touch with us if you would like to find out more.

We have a white board in the Besom in York office where we write down prayer requests and look to see God answer them. We find this a good reminder to trust God with all we do. One of the most encouraging things for us is seeing churches getting involved, wanting to serve and building relationships with those they are supporting in their community. It definitely motivates us to keep praying.

Please be bold in your prayers for the Besom as we seek to provide that bridge between the church and those in need. Here is a list of what you could pray, but it’s definitely not an exhaustive one:

  • Thanks and praise – that we constantly reflect on our amazing God, what he has done for us and therefore how great it is to serve him
  • Administration – that we would be able to best match what is offered and given with the needs of our recipients
  • Generous giving – that supporters would be prompted to give possessions, time and money to enable our work
  • Practical needs – that we would have safety on our van runs and be able to get the right furniture and goods to the right homes
  • Givers – that they would be encouraged by being able to serve God with what they have
  • Recipients – that what they receive will be a real blessing and demonstration of God’s love
  • Relationships – that the Besom would help churches support and reach out to those in need in their communities
  • Referrers – thank God for the agencies and professionals who refer their clients to the Besom and pray that they would be happy to keep coming to us
  • Flooding – that we would know how best to support churches to give to those affected by the recent floods in York

If you would like a reminder of what the Besom is all about, please watch this video:

For more information on how you and your church could get involved, click here






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