We’re all about giving

At the Besom in York (and all the Besoms across the country) our vision is to help the Church to give. We’re here to equip the Church to give time, to encourage the Church to give things and to empower the Church to give money – all to make a difference for people in need in York.

Christmas Hamper making
To be honest we don’t really care exactly what a church gives – we care more about how a church gives.
One of the bible verses written on the wall in the Besom office is 2 Corinthians 9v7
“Each man should give what he has decided in his heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
This says very neatly what we care about the most and what we see happening across the church in York – people giving with generous hearts. It’s the thing that makes us happiest in the office, the thing we celebrate and thank God for in prayer.
In the last year we’ve seen Christians of many denominations give with generous hearts – from charismatic Catholics to reformed Methodists, givers ranging from 2 1/2 to 100 years old. We’ve seen them give freely and enjoy it!
This is what we’re most looking forward to about Christmas at the Besom – seeing Christians of many kinds being free to give generously. Being generous is an inward heart condition that we see on the outside, not in the size of a gift but in the way it’s given.
Diane Louise Jordan with The Besom in York’s co-ordinator Rob Ainsworth
Last week we had a first at the Besom. We were joined by BBC Songs of Praise to record a feature on the Besom, they were looking for a Christian project that was all about giving!
Last Thursday we recorded a short interview with Diane Louise Jordan, featuring specifically how churches in York give hampers at Christmas. The show is based in St. Nick’s Christmas Market. The original St. Nick was known for his giving to the poor – giving in secret to bless others. The Besom in York was asked to share how we see this happen in York!
Joanna from The Vineyard Church is interviewed for Songs of Praise
The BBC crew also headed down to the Vineyard church in York to film them making hampers and interview some Besom givers. They have an inspiring story of how giving has changed them – this all started by giving hampers a couple of years ago.
If you want to see the program – it will be aired this Sunday (6th December) BBC 1 at 4.15pm (and be on iPlayer for a month after that).

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