The multiplier effect that God provides

Being the treasurer of a charity could be a very nervy position as you worry about whether enough money will come in.

But Jonathan Evans, who has that role with the Besom in York, says his post is full of encouragements.

With a background in running businesses, Jonathan has used his professional skills to serve God as treasurer for the last five years.

jonathan evans

Jonathan (pictured), who is a trustee of the Besom, has seen the charity grow over that period.

“It was my wife Sue, who got involved first,” he said.

“She went on to the core team and became the prayer co-ordinator. I then became a time giver. I was doing the van run on a fairly regular basis.”

As the Besom in York developed, another role opened up.

Jonathan said: “Rob Ainsworth [Besom in York co-ordinator] felt we should become a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. He approached me and asked if I would become the treasurer. After some consideration and prayer I said if they were willing to have me I would give it a go. That was four or five years ago.”

Jonathan added: “I kind of grew into it. My back was starting to get dodgy and I couldn’t lift and drive as much, so it was a logical time to get in there and do the accounts. That was the round peg in the round hole.”

British coins and notes/cash (GBP - Sterling).

Reflecting on his experience as treasurer, the 62-year-old, who is part of Elim Church in Malton, said: “I describe it a bit like the loaves and fishes parable.

“It is a very small amount of money that is actually given to the Besom. But it is the way that the money is used and the multiplier effect that God provides through answers to prayer.

“It means that the Besom can punch far above its weight. There is a feeling amongst professionals that we are a massive organisation, but it is based on a small amount of hard cash.

“It is multiplied by the fact everyone gives their talents for free. It doesn’t matter what comes in, the amount of work still carries on. I find it quite amazing really.”

Jonathan, who still works in the catering industry, added: “In business, we are pushing for every pound.

“It’s what the commercial world is all about. In the Besom, you realise what can be done when people work together and trust God. It never ceases to amaze me. The amount of money that is given regularly on a monthly basis has steadily increased and I find that encouraging.”

Having been involved with the Besom in York since its early days, Jonathan is still keen to see more local churches catch the vision.

He said: “A lot of churches are looking for some way of reaching out, but they haven’t always got the means and knowledge of how to do it. I would say look at the Besom as a way to do that in a very practical way.

“I would encourage anyone who has got time or skills who want to support the Besom to do so in whatever way is appropriate for them. Pray about what you should do and how you might be involved.”

If you or your church would like to find out more about the Besom in York, then please contact us.




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