I want to keep relying on God, not thinking I am in charge

Blog editor Ed Mezzetti looks back and forward in this week’s entry.

I didn’t expect to get involved with the Besom in York, but I’m so glad I have. My wife and I had just moved to York where I was expecting to find full-time work fairly soon.

Ed Mezzetti checking out one of York’s famous attractions

God, however, had other plans. I was introduced to the Besom in York by my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, who knew some of the team. Having a bit of spare time on my hands while I looked for a permanent job, I was interested to find out more about the charity.

That initial contact in January developed into a significant part of my regular week in York. Since then I have become a van run regular, blog editor and core team member. Getting involved with the Besom has been a real blessing to me. It has encouraged me to depend on God, shown me so many answers to prayer and helped me serve him.

Having now secured a full-time job, which starts on Monday, I will not be able to have such day-to-day involvement with the Besom. However, I am determined to still play as big a role as I can.

I will miss the camaraderie, the van run banter and the practical nature of serving God in this way. One of the major highlights has been seeing first-hand the impact gifts can have on those receiving them.

full besom van
The versatile Besom in York van – this time transporting garden waste

It is awesome to be able to deliver good things and see the smiles they bring to people’s faces. It is great too when opportunities come up to pray and share why we are looking to share God’s love.

Now as I start my new job, I want to keep relying on God, not thinking I am in charge and have everything sorted. Everything we do at the Besom is reliant on prayer. The challenge for me is to keep doing that in different circumstances. It wasn’t coincidence that I had that time on my hands in January. It was God’s plan that the Besom door would open to me and he has taught me a lot through it.

I will keep praying with the Besom team as we commit all we do to God. One of the big lessons I have learnt is to ask God for the very practical things our recipients need such as beds and washing machines – and trust him to provide. I have found stories like this one are not that unusual!

If you have a story to share about the Besom in York, please get in touch


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