This year I have learnt to pray expectantly

In this week’s blog entry, Becky Lewis reflects on her year as an intern with The Besom in York and shares some of her highlights.

Sat in my student house, around March 2014, I prayed. “God, I think you want me to stay in York and do the Besom internship, but I don’t have a job to support myself and I have nowhere to live. How’s this going to work?!”


Within a month I had a job and somewhere to live, both sorted within a week of each other.

God called me here, to the Besom, and I’m so glad he did.

I first heard about the Besom in my second week of university when somehow, I found myself decorating a house in Tang Hall with a bunch of people I barely knew. I’d heard, ‘Social Action Project, Saturday’ and turned up. It was such a great day! From then on, Besom kept cropping up. I became the social action rep at the Christian Union and loved it, through the Besom I saw hundreds of students give to those in need. It was such a beautiful witness to other students that a God exists who loves and cares for his creation.

Fast forward three years and working at the Besom has been fantastic. My heart is happy seeing people give their time, skills, things and money to those in need.

One of the most humbling parts of working at the Besom has been carrying out assessments. I’ve walked in to houses that are falling apart, rooms that haven’t been cleaned for months, sometimes years. I’ve met people sleeping on the floor, children without clothes, families with no food, women escaping domestic violence left with nothing and above all, poverty at its worst.

besom in york logo

It’s crazy to think how affluent York seems on the outside, but actually the poor live right alongside us. However, I’ve seen the church in York make a huge difference through the Besom. I’ve seen joyful children and parents receive Christmas hampers, hungry people fed, relationships between people and churches built and the church being blessed through its giving. It has been an honour to witness.

The biggest thing I’ve learnt this year is about prayer. Before, I’d pray halfheartedly, I prayed because I knew I should, but rarely expecting anything to come of it. This year, I’ve learnt to pray expectantly.

I’ve seen too many answers to prayer for them to be just coincidences

We prayed for a double mattress to be offered and two hours later, it was.

We prayed for several homes for hampers, and every one of them was given out.

We prayed for more hampers to be given and they were.

We prayed for a very specific type of bed for someone with back problems and one was offered.

We prayed for new people to give and several times over, people have come forward.

We prayed that I would get a new job and I did!

We prayed for a new van driver and God provided.

We prayed for new computers and we were offered some.

We prayed for so many different pieces of furniture for people and they’ve been given.

We prayed, for four months, for a church in York to give time, and they contacted us wanting to do a project.

I could go on and on. Every time I’m amazed at God’s provision. I’ve learnt to wait on him and trust in his timing and plans.

What a fantastic year its been. I can’t wait to see what more God does in the year ahead.

Becky Lewis (second from left) enjoying the sun at the Besom national conference in London alongside fellow York time givers (from left) Ed Mezzetti, Kirsten Nott and Jonny Armstrong

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