I found the Besom to be fantastic

The Besom in York has been “life-changing” for my customers.

That is the view of Katie Kelly, a housing support worker with Foundation – one of the many agencies who refer people to the Besom.

All recipients must be referred to us by a care professional, who is then present when we come to assess that person’s needs.


Since 2010, Katie (pictured) has worked for Foundation, a charity based in northern England that supports socially-excluded people, helping them to gain full independence in their local community.

Katie learned about the Besom from a Foundation colleague as she tried to help a customer find furniture.

“I went on websites like Freecyle and Gum Tree, but the problem was that the customer didn’t have the internet to monitor them,” she said.

“I found the Besom to be fantastic. They came out and did an assessment and the feedback was great.

“The customer couldn’t believe that they were being asked what they wanted, things like the colour scheme and that that they would try and provide furniture to taste.”

Katie has continued to refer customers to the Besom since then and is in no doubt as to the impact supporters’ gifts of time, furniture and money can make.

“It is life-changing,” she said. “It is not just about giving a positive attitude.

“People know that there is someone who cares for them and can help provide what they are looking for.

“It’s phenomenal really.

“Some people have been living in properties for many years and have not been able to replace broken furniture.

“To be able to help them is really good for their mental well being as well.”

One example that sticks in Katie’s mind is when three of her customers needed cookers.

Within a week of contacting the Besom, three cookers had been given – no doubt after much prayer behind the scenes.

Another is when one giver provided money to help a customer with their winter heating bill.

For those that give through the Besom, we trust that what we do will be well received – and Katie has more encouragement here.

“The presentation of Besom is so informal and relaxed,” she said.

“They are so kind and aware of people’s personal space and circumstances.”

Click here for more information on how you can give to God’s work though the Besom in York.


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