Ampleforth pupils ready for action

ampleforth pupils

Next week, pupils from nearby Ampleforth College will be giving time in three project teams with The Besom in York.

The SHAC team (pictured) as they are nicknamed (Senior House of Ampleforth College) will be decorating in four flats in York.

  • Two are for recipients who have suffered back injuries and can not physically do it themselves.
  • One recipient has a number of mental and physical disabilities. His support worker said this: “I really appreciate what you are doing for P*. I’ve been trying to get that flat in order for the past ten years and never got anywhere…”
  • The final project is decorating a flat – a youth project for homeless 16-20 year-olds.

The Besom in York co-ordinator Rob Ainsworth said: “Four years ago the chaplain at Ampleforth College got in touch about a retreat day for the pupils.

“We spent a day with the pupils talking about God’s heart for the poor. The relationship we have with the school has grown and produced fruit.

“Now sixth-form students come down to York for a week to give time. We’ve seen it make a difference for recipients and givers alike.”

This will be the second year pupils have given their time with the Besom – and to do so they had to say why they wanted to get involved.

Here are some of their comments:

I want to be part of the volunteering week because there are not many opportunities at home in Dubai to help other people.  I also felt that it was wrong to decline an offer to actually practice my faith in a practical way not just to sit around in a group in silence thinking about god or talking about being good people.” Andrew

 “I put my name forward because I think it is a very good thing to do and it opens up your mind and serves as an eye opener of different people’s lifestyles. I also think that service is a very important thing to be able to do because it makes you appreciate what you have. Also, when I heard other students’ feedback it seemed like a very rewarding experience.” Tatiana 

“I think that I would find it difficult to face up to some of the harsher realities, and that it would be an ‘eye opening’ experience… I would like to be able to give something back and help anybody in the community who is in need of it.” Charlie

“The reason I put my name forward is that I have always wanted to help people, as a Christian and a human I felt I didn’t do enough for charity. My target for the future so far has been to work somewhere where I know my work helps people.” Louis

* not his real name

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