Green-fingered Giving

g2 h g2 c

“We got cut-up arms afterwards, but it was definitely worth it.”

That was the verdict from G2 youth worker Paul Henderson, who led a team from his church in clearing out an overgrown garden in Tang Hall on Sunday.

Ten people from G2’s student and 20-30s groups gave their time in an epic gardening challenge, which left the lady who lived there delighted at the result.

Paul said: “I contacted the Besom and said we would love to do a project – what works?

“The beauty of it was that it was close to Burnholme Community Centre where the church meets.

“We wanted to make sure we did something in the community.”

g2 b

Paul said G2, which is a plant of St Michael le Belfrey, had given through the Besom in the past and were keen to get involved again.

And this project seemed a great way to fulfil their “the church has left the building” theme, which G2’s youth are focusing on this term.

“I remembered when we had painted somebody’s house and how great that was,” he said.

Paul had walked past the house before, but it was only when the team went into the garden that they saw how overgrown it was (see top left photo).

“There were weeds about chest and shoulder height,” he said.

“They had grown further and further towards the house and had covered half the garden.”

g2 a

Three and a half hours later, having worked in pairs, the team had finished their task, producing more than 200kg of waste in three very well-filled bags.

“She was delighted,” said Paul. “She was amazed by how fast we got it done, which was very encouarging for us.

“It has put the garden in a manageable state again where she can do things herself.

“We even managed to get her little push-along lawnmower working again.”

g2 d

The Besom in York has many other projects planned this summer. If you or your church would like to give through the Besom in any way, please click here


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